To strive to become a centre-par-excellence for Management education by producing progressively skilled, technically sound and logically consistent managers with sense of responsibility and global competence


The transformation and mounding process always intends to cater the professional needs of economy,industry, business and society by facilitating a good infrastructure, pedagogy, teaching-learning process and training and development programmes. Further, a special focus for research promotion to encourage students to pursue self-learning on changing business scenario and conduct research

MBA Students Activities


  • ADAM SHAIK, APPALANAIDU EJJUROTHU students of 2nd year participated in paper presentation at  Sri Sivani College of Engineering – “DAKSHATA-2011” – 11th & 12th- Mar’2011 and they got 2nd prize in this event.
  • MOHAMMAD WASIM, TARUN KUMAR HIRAWAT students of 2nd year participated in Young CEO at  Sri Sivani College of Engineering – “DAKSHATA-2011” – 11th & 12th- Mar’2011 and they got 2nd prize in this event.
  • MORCHI DHARMA RAJU, SRINIVASU BONDA  students of 2nd year participated in VITTAM (FIN) at  Sri Sivani College of Engineering – “DAKSHATA-2011” – 11th & 12th- Mar’2011 and they got 1ST prize in this event.
  • BALAMURALI BHASKARAN, CHINNI SAMPATH GOKA, GARLAPATI AVINASH students of 2nd year participated in Business Quiz at  Chaitanya Engineering College – “TITANS-2011” – 21st Mar’2011  and they got 1ST prize in this event.



  • 1st year student Mr. BALAMURALI BHASKARAN  participated at  Vignan College of Engineering “YOUNGTARANG-10” on Mar’10, in this event he got ‘Second’ prize.
  • 1st Year Students  - LAVANYA BETANABELLI, APPALANAIDU EJJUROTHU, CHIVUKULA S S SRIKANTH, KAMALA KUMARI GOKA, JAYANTHI J L PRASANTHI, MANIKANTA NARAYANASETTY,A National Level Management at Aitam, Tekkali – “CHATURA -10” – on 26th & 27th –Mar’2010,this team got ‘Second’ prize .



A Management Club was inaugurated in the dept. of Management Studies on 6th Nov. 08 by Dr.KVL Raju, our beloved Principal.The club is expected to plan thoroughly to various co-curricular activities, such as seminars, management games, business quiz’s, G.D’s, paper presentations, etc. To make all the students to involve and develop personality and communication skills on regular basis. In this endeavour, the students are categorized under SIX teams as below with each team consisting of TEN members.


Students teams( 08 batch)


6.L & T

Students teams(09 batch)

F.W.Taylor Group
Henry Fayol Group
Elton Mayo Grroup

Philip Kotler Group
Abraham Maslow Group
Peter F.Drucker Group

1st Semester (09 batch) Group Discussions

Common Entrance Test Vs Academic Marks
Public Sector Vs Private Sector
Anti-Ragging Vs Students Relations
Govt. role in Primary Education & Higher Education
Arranged Marriages Vs Love Marriages

Preventive Measures for Acid Attacks
Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family
Small Scale Sector Vs Large Scale Sector
Cricket is given more important relatively over other sports – Agree/Disagree
Impact of Western Culture on Indian Culture

Activities Conducted

Who Am I ?
Make a Sound
Chinese Whisper
Maze Game

Mazing Maze
Ice-Breaker – HA – HA - HA

Activities Conducted

Team Building
Chinese Whisper
Know your Masters
Introduction of others

Goal – A - Rama
Maze Game
Team Check up
Story Building
Dare to communicate

3rd Semester(08 batch)

21-8-09 Group Discussions

  1. Economic Recession in India
  2. Suicides among students’ community
  3. Positive Ragging – How ?
  4. Pulses crisis in the State – A remedy
  5. An alternate solution to mid-day meal in primary education
  6. Expectations from Education

MBA Objectives

  • To develop state of the art infrastructure for class rooms, laboratory and seminar hall, student centric activities and buildings and amenities.
  • To develop well conceived partnership for industry for frequent industry-academic interactions.
  • To tune the students with contemporary issues of economy/industry.
  • To get good record of quality companies visiting and offering jobs for our students at campus and achieve 100% placement.
  • Imbibing strong understanding on applying theory concept in developing practical solutions.
  • Always be a part of solution but not a part of the problem.
  • To be active members of professional bodies like AIMA, AIMS, etc. to get exposure.
  • To develop research and consultancy programmes.
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