• All Class rooms are equipped with necessary infrastructure that facilitates utilization of ICT Tools.
  • Each class room is connected to intranet to enable e-resource sharing like IUCEE, NPTEL lectures etc.
  • Every floor is having one class room with LCD projector and audio system
  • Every department is having one seminar hall that enables smooth conduct of seminars, workshops and group discussions.
  • Abundant e-content accessible through intranet from any desktop in the campus.
Area (sft)

The prosperity of any society or country is directly dependent upon the production and productivity of every activity of economical development. Higher the Production rate, greater will be the prosperity and vice- versa. Every country has limited input resources. So, in a world of competition, the only golden rule to survive is Higher Production and Higher Productivity with the given input resources. Engineering is applying scientific knowledge to find solutions for problems of practical importance. MVGR provides means of acquiring practical exposure with:

  • Sate-of-the-art laboratories for students to enjoy learning through experiments
  • Lab manuals prepared by experienced in-house faculty members for easy and in-depth learning of experiments.
  • Equipment that also caters research needs of post graduate students & PhD aspirants.
  • Well maintained and regularly calibrated Equipment to serve in consultancy works and quality control & quality assurance assignments