Seminar Halls

Centrally air conditioned Admin Seminar hall with seating capacity of 250 and MBA Seminar hall with seating capacity of 200 with necessary audio visual aids, houses Workshops, Guest lectures, Teachers' Day celebrations, College level meetings etc.

Seminar hall of 150 capacity in each department provides platform to organize department level workshops, Guest Lectures, Faculty Development Programs, Student Professional Body activities and other extra curricular activities. Seminar halls are well equipped with comfortable seating, white boards allowing students to enjoy a new way of studying and discussing among their peers.

Open Air Auditorium

Open Air Auditorium with a capacity of 1200 provides ambience for students to exhibit their talent during mega events like College Annual day celebrations, Student Fests etc. It also provides platform for welcoming parents at the time of student induction program of the first day of college.

Conference Halls

Admin Conference Hall with a seating capacity of 30 provides space for confidential sessions, research reviews, faculty presentations, committee meetings etc. Conference Halls in each department are used for department level staff meetings, research discussions, presentations during expert committee visits and mock interviews before placements.