Education is mandatory to everyone, especially for a woman who looks after each every aspect of a wonderful home. Educating woman is educating the whole family. In tune with the vision of Sri P.Ashok Gajapathi Raju, Chairman, MANSAS, the MVGR college administration has planned to educate women housekeeping staff during this summer break. Hence, plan of action has been made to have a basic literacy program that stretches for a period of two months starting from 5 th May 2017 with a target of making around 40 outsourced women staff to be able to read and write Telugu and be able to do simple numeric operations. Thirteen members of Lady Non-Teaching staff have volunteered to participate in the “Education Service for the Adult“ (Vayojana Vidya) and the program is being coordinated by Ms.K.Sobha Rani, Associate Professor, IT. Principal Dr. KVL Raju and Vice Principal(Admin) Sri D.J.J. Ramachandra Raju have inaugurated the session by addressing the learners with an emphasis on women education for better society.