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Dean R&D

MVGR College of Engineering is making active efforts in promoting Research & Development through various academic programmes run by the departments and sponsored programmes funded by National Organisations and Industries.

This cell takes the overall responsibility of developing and implementing strategies for outreach of the Institution with other reputed institutions and organizations for fostering culture of Research and Development in the institution.

Research worth Rs 46,165,028/- has been funded by various agencies.
Sl Title of the project Agency Scheme of the Project Sanction Order Date Principal Investigator Sanctioned Amount Rs. Status of the project
1 Integrated water Management Through Rejuvenation of Surface Tanks DST SERB 2018 Dr R Maheswaran 87,53,000 Sanctioned
2 Two day National Seminar on Structural Reliability DST Seminar Grant 20.12.17 Dr. P Ganesan 75,000 Completed
3 International conference on Emerging Trends in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering DST International Conference 2017 Dr S Chandramouli 1,00,000 Completed
4 Wavelet Entropy Based Multiscale Performance Analysis: An Approach to Asses and Improve Hydrological Models DST SERC 2017 Dr R Maheswaran 17,00,000 Sanctioned
5 AICTE-Adjunct Faculty AICTE Adjunct Faculty 2017 Dr D R Prasada Raju 6,00,000 Running
6 Design and Development of KU band Microstrip patch antenna Array for Satellite Application DST Empowerment & Equity Opportunity for excellence in science 2017 Dr G Anjaneyulu 31,41,000 Commenced
7 INSPIRE Faculty Awardees DST INSPIRE Program 2016 Dr. R. Maheshwaran 10,71,823 Running
8 Process optimization studieson Removal of Heavy Metals from Waste Water using Mixed Adsorbents DST SERC 2016 Dr. D. Krishna 26,58,000 Commenced
9 Funds for improvement of S&T infrastructure DST FIST Nov 2015 Dr. K. V. L. Raju 30,00,000 Commenced
10 Process optimization studies on Removal of Heavy Metals from Waste Water using Mixed Adsorbents DST SERC 2015 Dr. D. Krishna 25,00,000 Running
11 Nitrite ion and fluoride ion footprints in the ground water of some selected coastal villages of Vizianagaram dist. some investigations UGC Minor RP Nov 2014 Mr. G. V. S. K. Pavan Kumar 2,95,000 Commenced
12 Development of Optode for Fluoride by Digital Color Analysis DST TM/WTI 16.10.2014 Dr. T. V. N. ParthaSarathi 27,65,940 Running
13 Surfactant impregnated chitosan as adsorbent removal of dyes from industrial effluents UGC Minor RP March 2014 Mr. G. Ram Kumar 3,40,000 Running
14 Vibration analysis of multifuel VCR engine using non edible oils UGC Minor RP March 2014 Mr. B. Madhav Varma 1,70,000 Completed
15 Nitrite ion and fluoride ion footprints in the ground water of some selected coastal villages of Vizianagaram dist. some investigations UGC Minor RP 2014 Mr. G. V. S. K. Pavan Kumar 2,95,000 Completed
16 Development of an intelligent automated furnace handling system for hardness control UGC Minor RP 2014 Mrs. S. Jyothirmai 4,00,000 Surrendered
17 Power Quality Improvement in Hybrid Energy Systems AICTE SG 20.11.2013 Mr. K. S. Ravi Kumar 1,50,000 Completed
18 An Efficient Brain MR Image Segmentation for Easy Diagnostic Process IEI R&D Grant 18.09.2013 Dr. V. Nagesh 1,50,000 Running
19 Modernization of Electrical Machines lab AICTE MODROBS 26.03.2013 Dr. R. Gowri Sankara Rao 16,82,000 Completed
20 Modernization of Chemical Reaction  Engineering lab AICTE MODROBS 18.02.2013 Mr. P. Ramesh 10,42,920 Completed
21 Investigation of combustion, emissions and vibrations of VCR Engine AICTE RPS 07.02.2012 Dr. N. Ravi Kumar 17,00,000 Completed
22 Advanced methods of surveying with total station and GPS AICTE SDP 13.01.2012 Dr. K. Rajeswara Rao 3,50,000 Completed
23 Prevalence of Unmet Counseling Needs in Female and Male Professional & College Students ICSSR ICSSR 22.03.2010 Dr. K. Suneetha 3,38,675 Completed
24 Modernization of Microwave lab AICTE MODROBS 21.12.2009 Dr. M. Sunil Prakash 15,00,000 Completed
25 Modernization of Thermal Engineering lab AICTE MODROBS 21.12.2009 Dr. R. Ramesh 7,80,000 Completed
26 Modernization of Network   Security lab AICTE MODROBS 21.12.2009 Dr. Sumit Gupta 10,00,000 Completed
27 Modernization of Mechanics & Hydraulics lab AICTE MODROBS 21.12.2009 Mr. P. Ramesh 10,00,000 Completed
28 Development of an artificial intelligence based performance enhancement system for an open architecture controlled machine DST SERC 04.09.2009 Dr. R. Ramesh 38,72,000 Completed
29 Entrepreneurship Development Cell MSME EDC 24.04.2009 Dr K C B Rao 7,00,000 Completed
30 Integration of Computer Based Methodologies in ME Systems AICTE SDP 12.03.2009 Dr. R. Ramesh 7,00,000 Completed
31 Machine Learning Tools and Applications AICTE SDP 12.03.2009 Dr. Sumit Gupta 7,00,000 Completed
Sl. Department In Collaboration With Purpose
1 College Level Government of Andhra Pradesh To establish and run a technical skill development center
2 College Level Cassius Technologies Agreement made towards campus placement consultation.
3 College Level CoStuCo Services For liasioning and corporate relations for enhancing student placements
4 College Level Leadership Foundation To establish a Technology Incubation Center, functioning as a Student Activity Center.
5 College Level McGraw -Hill Professional institutional license agreement
6 College Level Clairion Services and Systems Pvt. Ltd. To provide training, seminars, consultancy, workshops etc. to MVGR college
7 College Level Andhra Pradesh Skill Development Center and NASSCOM To provide training for IT-ITeS sector by SSC NASSCOM
8 College Level Andhra Pradesh Skill Development Center and NASSCOM To provide qualification Pack (QP) based training program to enhance student skills and employability
9 College Level TCS For providing end to end infrastructural support as defined in the scope of services.
10 College Level Indian Telecom Innovation Hub - TBI To establish a Startup Bootcamp at MVGR to function as an Idea Clinic/Mini-incubator for anchoring the incubation needs of students of MVGR
11 MECH Adroitec Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Centre of excellence in Product Lifecycle Management
12 IT INOT Power Technologies Pvt Ltd To design, develop and deploy automated street light monitoring and controlling system
13 College level LEAD, Deshpande Foundation To explore possibilities for collaboration, and to partner on various students initiated projects
14 College level NICCO Ventures Ltd Gold Membership for Placement Support
15 Civil Indian Institute of Remote Sensing To build up capacity through training, education and research.
16 CSE, IT Virtusa Consulting Services Pvt Ltd To make the students more exposed to the present industrial needs and requirements thereby reducing the cost and time involved in training.
17 College level Conduira Giving training to the students (final year B.Tech and final year  MBA and MCA) so as to prepare them for forth coming campus recruitments
18 CSE, IT Palladium Developers Pvt Ltd To provide a student-centric learning approach consisting of several stages designed to add to several stages of learning.
19 ECE Y2Y Signals Pvt. Ltd To provide an opportunity for developing in areas like consultancy, R&D, Project support etc
20 MECH Kriatec Services Pvt Ltd Centre of excellence in new product development in CNC
21 CHEM Simtech Simulations Enrichment of technical education in procedure sand practices followed by chemical processing industry
22 CSE, IT Mission R&D A flagship talent discovery program to discover talented individuals from the colleges, send them for internship following job opportunities.
23 EEE Siemens Integrated Automation/Electrical integrated training
24 College level Focus Academy for Career Enhancement (FACE) To impart employability skill enhancement training to the students to face interview
25 College level Mihir Mobile Solutions Pvt Ltd For the use of mobile student management system software
26 CSE, IT Bob Tech Solutions To enhance skills of students through real- time project
27 ECE NI Systems (India) Pvt Ltd Focus on Algorithm Engineering and Graphical System Design
28 CHEM, MECH, CSE, IT Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd Deputation of employees  for studies
29 CSE, IT Microsoft Certification driven training for a varied set of Microsoft technologies that subsequently allow the students to get industry recognized certification though Microsoft conducted examination
30 CHEM Gram Tarang Foods To establish research studies
31 CSE, IT EC-Council Academia To impart high quality security related education to business and industry professionals.
32 CSE, IT Talent Sprint Training is offered to the students to impart employability skills including professional development, foundational software engineering and technical specialties.
33 College level Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) To provide support to the student and teacher communities through workshops, FDPS’, Student Internships.
34 EEE Newdawn Automation Industry-Institute tie up for technical advancement
35 College level Novel Patent Services Pvt Ltd To acknowledge the  students about IPR Rights, Patent filing and Patent Drafting
36 ECE ThinkLABS Technosolutions Pvt Ltd Detailed programming in Embedded systems (1&2)and RTOS systems(1&2)
37 College level Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) To share experiences, information and develop methods, common tools, projects for promotion of entrepreneurship and other related activities
38 CSE, IT Cisco Networking To help students how to design, build and maintain computer works for local , national and global business
39 MECH Zues Numerix Pvt Ltd To set up CFD Research center in the college
40 MECH Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) Authorized training center to teach basic design in pro-engineer Wildfire
41 CSE, IT Invensys Development Centre India Pvt Ltd To provide technical training to students in areas of electronic software languages.
42 CSE, IT Oracle Order of oracle for work force development program
43 MECH Askar Microns (P) Ltd Industry-Institute tie up for technical advancement
44 CSE, IT IBM Helps the students to stay forefront of advanced software development techniques using the open and extensible IBM Rational Software