Student Counselling Center

The focus of counselling in our college is to enhance students’ performance by training for optimal utilization of their skills and helping them overcome/cope with any conflicts, blocks and disturbing issues. The following areas are some of the aspects that are dealt with:

Most students usually focus on one sided development. Some of them concentrate only on studies while others on extracurricular activities. Counselling helps facilitate development of an all round personality


It is to be noted that all counselling by the counsellor will be strictly confidential as per ethical guidelines. Any requisite information when shared, if any, will be done with prior approval of the counselee.

The students seeking counselling shall not be differentiated/discriminated in any manner either by the administration, faculty or peers

This program caters to the counselling needs of the students, faculty as well the parents and is free of charge. Individual counseling sessions are arranged as per mutual convenience.

The Counselling Centre is open from 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM on all college working days. It is recommended that you seek prior appointment. However, if you feel your situation requires immediate attention you can feel free to walk in.

Counselling Room, Ground Floor, MBA Wing, MVGR College of Engineering, Chintalavalasa, Vizianagaram

Dr K. Suneetha, Counselling Psychologist, MVGR College of Engineering
Mobile: 9441940288
Email: [email protected]

Faculty QIP

To keep abreast with latest developments, faculty is enthused to continuously upgrade knowledge in their domain areas. To facilitate this, faculty is mandated to undergo the following:

  • Attend a course/training for a duration of one week or above every year, preferably during summer/winter break, organized by a premier institution, like IIT/NIT.
  • Enroll for courses organized under Global Initiative in Academic Networking (GIAN).
  • Organize a Seminar/Workshop in the contemporary areas, at least one per Department every year, having participation from institutions across the country.
  • Engage experts from academia from leading institutions and reputed industry to deliver seminar/lectures, at least 6 per year, by every Department.
  • Formulate proposals for extra-mural research for submission to various funding agencies.
  • Providing Incentives for Publications, Financial support for attending workshops/conferences, Support for continuing education and research.