The College has well developed sports infrastructure in place catering to the student needs providing a whole some environment in getting to the stage of inter-university competitions. The volley ball court and gymnasium relieve the students from their routine thus providing moral energy in taking up new challenges. Dr. P.V.G. Raju Sports complex developed in collaboration with Andhra Cricket Association have everything to order in the realm of physical education. The students represent the college at various national level events in Cricket, Volley ball, Basket ball, Shuttle Badminton, Table Tennis, Tennicoit etc., proving themselves in all aspects beyond academics.

Existing Facilities
  • Well maintained cricket ground with an area of 4 acres which is 65 mts. Radius from the wickets
  • Synthetic Basket Ball court with lighting facility
  • 2 Volley ball courts
  • 3 Kabaddi courts
  • 1 Kho-Kho court
  • 1 Throw ball court
  • 5 Shuttle courts
  • Table Tennis court
  • 15 lacs worth gym equipment
Under Construction in area of 8 acres
  • 400 mtrs Athletics ground with 8 lines
  • Football ground
  • Hockey Ground
  • Kabaddi Court
  • Kho-Kho Court