A fleet of 33 buses take responsibility for picking up students and dropping them to their respective destination. The facility is for the students who commute from Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Srikakulam and Bobbili regions. A total of 24 buses allocated for Visakhapatnam, 6 buses for Vizianagaram and 3 buses for Srikakulam and Bobbilli regions. Separate bus facility for all the first year students is an added advantage for the new learners. Everyday students reach their destination safely by availing the facility. The bus in-chargers would closely work with the transport convener for the students’ comfortable journey. In- addition, the convener addresses to any special requests or concerns related to transportation. In addition, there are number of public and private transportation available, for every five minutes, from the campus.

Transport Information
Bus Route Map
Contact :
Dr.S.Atchuta Rao,
Convener & Sr.Asst.Professor ,Mathematics,
Cell No : +91-9441159714