Swecha Summer Camp

About Swecha

Swecha is a non-profit organization formed in the year 2005, It's a part of Free Software Movement of India (FSMI). This organization is a social movement that works towards enlightening the masses with the essence of Free Software and to liberate knowledge to the commoners. Swecha aims at providing global software solutions to the local people with the Free Software development model by working together with the community of developers and users all over. The prime objective of Swecha OS is to provide a complete computing solution to a population that speaks and understands only Telugu

About Summer Camp

Gone are the days when one should write thousands of lines of code (if not more) to design a simple web page. These are the days when online content could be managed just with a click of the mouse. With the emergence of beautiful frameworks, smart phones have started expanding their horizons like never before in history. And, all of this is made possible, not by a single entity or an individual, but by close collaboration of the community. Like Newton rightly said, “If I am able to see beyond my forefathers, it’s because I stand on their shoulders.”
The Camp will help the participants understand the Art-­of­-programming and why programming is not just about learning syntax of a Programming Language but a developing science which has it's roots from Mathematics & Logic.