This committee shall take the overall responsibility of developing and implementing strategies to bring in more proportionality, transparency and accountability in the procurement process in the institution.

  • To analyze quotations submitted by the suppliers/ service providers and provide recommendations to authority for approval. And seek clarification from the suppliers/service providers where necessary.
  • To provide the necessary expertise, advice, information to the authority with regard to the best quality of material(s) available in the market, supplier’s capability and performance etc.
  • To obtain contacts and do correspondence with reputed material & equipment suppliers/ service providers through networking, based on the department wise requirements.
  • To facilitate in administering procurement process so as to maintain uninterrupted flow of materials/ services to support the academic & development activities in the institute as per it’s plan/schedule.
  • To develop and maintain good buyer-seller relationship with suppliers/ service providers so as to get timely service with optimum costs.
Purchase Committee
Convener: Mr. A.L.N.Srinivas, Associate Professor, MBA
Website Maintenance Committee
Convener: Ms. K. Sobha Rani, Assoc.Professor, Dept. of IT
Press & Media Committee
Mr A. Mahesh Kumar
Asst.Professor, English
Contact: 8985649128
Email: [email protected]